Introducing: A Girl Called Frank – Sabotage


The Finish-Armenian singer and songwriter A GIRL CALLED FRANK has released today her debut single Sabotage and it a brilliant piece of music. I really like the unique beat which showcases creativity. Moreover, Frank her vocal performance is grandiose and knows to capture attention until the last second. Furthermore, the dynamic chorus is powerful!

The lyrics are as expected well-written. Sabotage tells the story about the experience of breaking a vicious circle. With straightforward honesty FRANK tells the story of her trying to confront her weaker self, well aware of her own hurtful truth of self-destructiveness.


You can say without any doubt that FRANK has created a new type of sound, Sabotage has diverse unique musical elements, so be sure to stream it as soon as possible!

1568648871182 (1).jpg

Do not hesitate and add Sabotage to your playlist(s).

You can stream Sabotage below on Soundcloud or Spotify!