Introducing: Kendra & the Bunnies – & Leave it On


& Leave it On is a track from Kendra & the Bunnies her new EP of Always and it sounds amazing. I adore the innovative melodies which create new musical oases full of unique elements. Besides, the vocal performance is grandiose, Kendra has such a nice timbre in her voice. Furthermore, I also really like the dynamic atmospheres!

The story behind the track is just like the sound very impressive. Kendra says about it, ”The idea for & Leave it On arose from the Japanese art of Kintsugi. It is the tradition of repairing broken pottery with liquid gold. In this way, the shattered object is put back together and becomes a piece more precious than before. & Leave it On is a story of learning lessons through relationships. The one we love always has something to teach us. Even through the growing pains, these moments are always for our best good. When we repair our broken hearts with love, care, and compassion, there is benefit to the potentially painful experience. “Love is where is Light seeps in…”


You can not deny that Kendra has made real art again, & Leave it On has all the elements of a modern gem, so be sure to stream it as soon as possible!


Do not hesitate and add & Leave it On to your playlist(s).

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