Introducing: Aaricia – For Two


The talented artist Aaricia is back with her new single For Two and it such an amazing track. The uplifting melodies are innovative and know to capture attention the whole time. Besides, the vocal performance is grandiose, Aaricia sings with a lot of power. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of the dynamic chorus!

Speaking to the motivation behind the track, Aaricia shares: For Two is about desire and fantasy. It’s about that one person you can’t resist. You can try to play it cool but, in the end, you know you’ll succumb to temptation.


Aaricia shows once again how to make good music, For Two is a track with a unique modern pop sound, so be sure to stream it as soon as possible!


Do not hesitate and add For Two to your playlist(s).

You can stream For Two below on Spotify!