Introducing: The Mos Capri Experiment – Tug Of War


The Mos Capri Experiment: An open space for individuality and experimentation. Somewhere beyond genre, where creativity comes before expectations and norms.

Her debut single Tug Of War is an amazing track. The dynamic melodies showcase new artistic insights. Moreover, the vocal performance is grandiose, Mos has such a unique voice. Furthermore, I also like the construction of the chorus!

Speaking about the track, Mos says: ”Tug of War speaks of getting lost in self destructive patterns and the fear and discomfort around actually looking it in the face and confronting it. There are lots of different ways we distract ourselves in order to avoid dealing with it and personally, I’ve spent a lot of time running away from myself.

Mos has made real art, Tug of War has all the elements of a gem, so start streaming it as soon as possible!


Do not hesitate and add Tug Of War to your playlist(s).

You can stream Tug Of War below on Spotify!