Introducing: Mauve – Brand New


Mauve is Toronto’s up and coming pop songstress who has an eclectic and playful sound that touches your soul. Mauve transcends genres to bring you feel-good tracks with hints of RnB through Tropical House and EDM production. Her songs have gained over 400,000 streams and counting on Spotify. Mauve also won the 2019 InterContinental Music Award for Best of North America-Pop for her song, Come Around. In addition, Mauve was nominated for Best New Artist” at the 2018 Niagara Music Awards. She has also been honored by a number of internet radio stations, with features in their programs, including interviews. Some of the stations her songs have been played are 107.3 Virgin Radio, CBC Music, IndieCan Radio on SiriusXM.

Brand New is Mauve’s new single and it is such an amazing piece of music. I adore the modern melodies which create enough room for the sublime vocals. Moreover, the chorus is very powerful and showcases new artistic insights. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of the dynamic elements!

Speaking about the track, Mauve says: ”I’m always the type of person that looks to see the brighter side of a situation, but sometimes that’s difficult if you keep holding on to something that really isn’t serving you anymore. The lyrics of Brand New describes leaving someone or a situation behind because you realize it doesn’t deserve your time anymore. You can have this tendency to get stuck in the disappointment and just accept it as reality, but really there is this opportunity to reinvent yourself and take that leap forward. With writing Brand New, I had this urge to clear away all the dust that was building up and to have a new perspective and a new attitude that better represented me. I wanted this song to have some somber elements to it, but have them contrasted by the uplifting parts that is primarily what the song is celebrating. It’s about that motivation that drives you to break through and let go of the old.

You can say without any doubt that Brand New has all the elements of a hit, the sound knows to impress until the last second. Start streaming it as soon as possible and feel free to sing out loud while listening!


Do not hesitate and add Brand New to your playlist(s).

You can stream Brand New below on Soundcloud or Spotify!