Introducing: Cassidy King – Professional Smiler


Cassidy King’s voice is softer than the first rays of sunlight in the early days of spring when a song calls for the utmost care and vulnerability. At other times, it’s loud and pristine, cutting like rough diamonds. A fresh contender in the pop space of the music industry, King enters into the game with more fans, attention, and, decidedly, more polish than many of her contenders. And it’s because of this that she’s on an accelerated road to success where the cut corners are from seemingly limitless potential.

Professional Smiler is Cassidy’s new single and it is sounds very impressive. I really like the modern melodies which create grandiose soundscapes. Moreover, Cassidy’s vocal performance is sublime. Furthermore, I also adore the construction of the chorus!

There is also made a music video for Professional Smiler. The visuals are amazing until the last second and give the song itself an extra dimension.

Speaking about the track, Cassidy comments: ”I made this song for anyone who needs to know that they’re not alone in anything they’re feeling. I made this for the person I needed but never had when I was going through it. Even though I didn’t have the comfortability at the time to speak on it, just knowing that there was someone out there who said it for me would’ve made my thoughts sit better in my head. I felt like I always tried to mask who I was in so many different aspects because I figured I was the only one who thought that way. A huge part of that was battling my sexuality. Sexuality is so much deeper than “who you like”, it’s a struggle with self identity too. A lot of people don’t necessarily know that’s it’s like. I struggled so much with not being the picture perfect. Being a girl that likes girls, doesn’t wear makeup most of the time, does not always like to do her hair, and wearing baggier clothes is the exact opposite of what people expected a girl to do. I used to feel like there was something wrong with me but in reality that’s what makes me who I am. I stopped seeing that being different was a bad thing, it’s a great thing actually. It sets me apart from everyone else in the best way. Sexuality is one hell of a battle and it only gets better with time. Your own time. It doesn’t just switch on like a light one day and you’re automatically comfortable with yourself. Just know it gets better and that at the end of the day, people are going to love you so much more when you discover your actual self. Don’t run away from you.”

Professional Smiler is a track with an important message, so make sure to stream it as soon as possible!


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