Introducing: Mothica – NOW

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The talented alt-pop artist Mothica is back with her new single NOW and it sounds very powerful. I adore the unique pop melodies which create unique ambiances. Besides, Mothica’s vocal performance is grandiose, she sings with a lot of emotion. Furthermore, I also adore the construction of the chorus!

On the single Mothica says, “NOW is a good introduction to my next era, because it started as a freestyle in the recording studio, so I didn’t think too hard about it. I didn’t write out lyrics beforehand, i just pulled from my subconscious and leftover phrases from the graveyard of past demos. ‘It’s not my fault, it’s my fight’ embodies what message I wanted to get across with my music. I was born with mental illness and I choose to battle it every day. For the first time, I felt compelled to write a full length project about my struggles and try to better myself in the process.”

You can say without any doubt that Mothica exactly knows how to create modern art, NOW is captivating until the last second. Be sure to stream it as soon as possible!

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Do not hesitate and add NOW to your playlist(s).

You can stream NOW below on Soundcloud or Spotify!