Introducing: Olive Louise – Fool


Olive Louise is a singer, songwriter and composer from New York. Known for her championed ability to intertwine her classically trained background with a refreshing take on today’s contemporary pop landscape, Louise translates her vast wealth of experiences into music that is timely as it is timeless.

Fool is Louise’s new single and it sounds amazing. I really like the innovative melodies which showcase many artistic expressions. Besides, Louise’s vocal performance is sublime, she has a unique voice. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of the powerful chorus and the dynamic elements!

Lyrically, Louise knows to impress. Fool details embracing your most authentic self and not feeling guilty about being happy in life. Louise highlights the importance of not letting others ideas of you define you, or get you down. It’s a personal narration of Louise’s own struggles, written from a dark time in her life, when she was drowning in people’s negative opinions on what she should be doing, or what she should look like. The New York native confides, “I was at a really low point in my life, I had gained weight, was too nervous to run into people I knew for fear of judgment, and felt like some of the people I had been there for the most didn’t want the best for me. It was hard to trust myself and my judgement”. Fool is a self-love anthem which screams the attitude of ‘paint me how you want, nobody has the power to hurt me anymore’. Written with a hint of sarcasm, the track is the singer’s way of letting go of the negativity, cleansing all cynicism and showcasing her new IDGAF demeanor. She declares, “I’m confident in my skin, I’m confident in myself and I trust that I’ll always find my way”.

Louise is super talented artist, she has made modern art. Fool is the definition of good music, the track is captivating until the last second. Start streaming it as soon as possible!


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