Introducing: Esmé Patterson – Light In Your Window


Esmé Patterson began her career in the band Paper Bird. In 2012, Patterson began her solo career, releasing her first full-length album titled All Princes, I. In 2015, Patterson released her second full-length album titled Woman to Woman. In 2016, Patterson released her third full-length album titled We Were Wild. In late 2016, Patterson released a split 7″ with William Elliott Whitmore.

Light In Your Window is Esme’s new single and it sounds amazing. I really like the unique melodies. Besides, the vocals are sublime. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of the warm textures.

The single is accompanied by an impressive music video, directed and produced by Daniel DiMarchi in conjunction with CODO Productions.

Speaking about the track, Esme says: ”The idea (and the name) for the song Light in Your Window came to me when driving with my friend Martin past his ex-girlfriend’s house. He reflexively looked up to her bedroom window to see if the light was on, and then was angry with the muscle-memory that had made him do so. He expressed the melancholy caused by the slowness with which healing processes can sometimes move. I had been going through a breakup as well and poured some of my feelings into that metaphor and it became a song! For me, it is a song about longing for the end of longing.”

Light In Your Window has a sound you never heard before. Be sure to stream it as soon as possible!


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