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Premiere: Nadine Carina – Reverie (Album)

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(Photo by Lucia Fatima Ferretti)

Reverie, Nadine Carina’s third album, is aptly named: it lucidly recalls the semi-conscious state of mind where we immerse ourselves in a foggy and peaceful imaginary world.

While some people only remember their nightmares, others return to reality with peaceful memories. This is the case of Nadine Carina.

The new album is a masterpiece. Nadine’s vocals are almost hypnotic and create an overall dreamy atmosphere. Besides, The instrumentals sound captivating. Furthermore, I also like the interesting lyrical themes.

Nadine is a rising star. She has made something you want to hear way more often. Reverie is the definition of modern art.

Speaking about the new album: Nadine says: ”Reverie was written in a state of complete loneliness, awake while dreaming, lost in my deep thoughts. I wanted to talk about my present being, while recalling the past and dream about the future. Melodies came very naturally as I was composing, my cat was besides me while writing, half asleep and I could make her and myself comfortable. I wanted to make a soft, subtle and intimate album, like a dream.’”

Mostly written in a house in rural Switzerland, Reverie was recorded with friends: Marton Kiss (Lady Bazaar) on drums, Douglas Milne on bass and Mathieu Bedwani on synths. Bedwani who also mixed the current record before it was sent to Hippocrating Mastering in Leeds (UK) for the finale phase.

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(Photo by Lucia Fatima Ferretti)

Listen to Reverie below!