Introducing: Jennifer Lee Snowden – Without You


Jennifer Lee Snowden has released recently her new single Without You and it sounds very impressive. I adore the mellow yet powerful acoustic guitar riffs. Besides, Jennifer’s emotive vocal performance is wonderful. Furthermore, the lyrics are meaningful!

On the single, Jenifer says: ”Without You is about loss. I have listened to this song hundreds of times through the creation process and still it brings me to tears. Because life is so incredibly fragile. Sometimes it feels like everything we hold dear is hanging on by a thread. Entire worlds can shift in an instant. After two difficult battles with cancer, I know this all too intimately.” She continues: ”When viewing my own life illuminated by the soft hue of this awareness, even the most mundane moments seem like movie magic. Kissing someone before they leave for work. A winter walk hand-in-hand. Sometimes in the early morning sunlight my husband and I lock eyes and I can see him studying my every line and pore, as if to memorize my face should he ever need to recall it in the years that follow. I have seen many people close to me suffering through loss, but in many ways this song came from my own dark place…the fear that I might be the one to have to leave the ones I love behind.”

Without You is a wonderful piece of music. Be sure to stream it as soon as possible!


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