Introducing: Kate Vogel – Reasons to Stay


Kate Vogel fell in love with storytelling lyrics at an early age. The boombox in her home played mostly showtunes but as she came of age, her ears latched onto everything from Dolly Parton to Whitney Houston.

Reasons to Stay is Kate’s debut single and it sounds wonderful. I adore the dynamic chorus. Besides, the tender vocals are phenomenal. Furthermore, I also like the unique piano-driven melodies.

The song is lyrically very powerful. Reasons to Stay is a hopeful song about suicide and depression.

Kate is such an inspiring artist, she makes music with her soul. Reasons to Stay needs to be heard all around the globe. Start streaming it as soon as possible!

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Do not hesitate and add Reasons to Stay to your playlist(s).

You can stream Reasons to Stay below on Soundcloud or Spotify!