Introducing: Aoife Carton – Capsule


Aoife Carton is a folk singer-songwriter, from Dublin, Ireland.

She has released recently her new single Capsule and it sounds very impressive. I am a fan of the dynamic vocals. Besides, the quirky melodies are amazing. Furthermore, I like the powerful and meaningful lyrics!

Speaking about the track, Aoife says: ”Capsule, is my upcoming single which deals with a victim of sexual violence. The victim talks through some of the ways victims can be mistreated when they open up to society about what they’ve been through. It also highlights the fact that sexual violence stays with you your whole life; like a capsule, it can be buried only to be found again at a later stage. Still staying within my folk, singer songwriter genre, this song expresses my anger towards a subject close to my hard. It’s driving rhythm is meant to represent a running feeling, like somebody in pain who is trying to run away. This is the first song off an upcoming EP which deals with the different feelings victims are faced with and the consequences of sexual violence.”

Capsule is a track that needs a lot of attention. Start streaming it as soon as possible!


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