Introducing: Santyna – Ecdysis


Anyone who has endured the pain of a tough breakup or difficult times will find Santyna’s music deeply relatable. While working to overcome major depression, generalized anxiety, PTSD and agoraphobia, Santyna wrote her new EP during the hardest time of her life. “When things got really bad for me emotionally,” she said, “it was my working on this EP that made everything feel better and made me feel like I could find happiness in this world.” Working on the EP facilitated her mental and spiritual growth and she wants to pass on that healing. During hard times, Santyna always found comfort listening to music by other artists, and she hopes that her music will do the same for her listeners.

Ecdysis is a track of Santyna’s new EP VENIN and it sounds amazing. I really like the mellow yet powerful melodies. Besides, the soothing vocals are so captivating. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of the well-written lyrics!

Santyna is a rising star, she makes music with her soul. Ecdysis has all the facets of a modern masterpiece. Be sure to stream it as soon as possible!


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You can stream Ecdysis below on Soundcloud or Spotify!