Introducing: Arielle Silver – Lonely Time of Year


Arielle Silver is no stranger to the music industry. She quit songwriting over a decade ago after releasing three albums and touring nationally with her band. Exhausted and burned out, her relationship with music had become untenable. She put away her guitar, moved to Los Angeles, and landed a job working behind-the-scenes in the music industry. During that time she studied and taught yoga philosophy, won a few awards for her literary writing, got divorced, got married, and no longer called herself a singer-songwriter. Everything changed in 2018, when Silver fell back in love with songwriting and began to perform and create music again. She launched a crowdfunding campaign and raised over $26k to help create a new album and get it off the ground. With this new start, Silver returned to her roots and re-discovered her passion for making music. She hopes to inspire people to follow their dreams and never give up on something they care about.

Lonely Time of Year is Silver’s debut single for the new chapter of her career and it sounds amazing. I really like the quirky melodies. Besides, the delicate vocals are so captivating. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of the powerful chorus!

Lyrically, the song is very impressive. Silver wanted to create a blue Christmas single that any listener can relate to. The song’s idea comes from the feelings and memory of a relationship break-up right around the holiday season. “I think everyone’s probably had a holiday season where all the cheer only exacerbates the sense of sadness,” she explains.

Lonely Time of Year is a brilliant piece of music. Be sure to stream it as soon as possible!


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