Introducing: Marie Dahlstrom – A Loveletter – An Improvisation


Moving to London 6 years ago – Marie Dahlstrom is now well known for her warm, ethereal jazz/soul/R&B amalgam.

A Loveletter – An Improvisation is the first taste of Marie’s first full length album and it sounds amazing. I like the mellow yet powerful melodies. Besides, the vocals are magical. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the wonderful atmosphere!

Speaking on the track, Marie said: ”My boyfriend was away, in LA actually, when I wrote it, and I remember missing him. That day I had a session with Conor [Albert] – and I started the little piano theme on my keyboard, and Conor then began building the instrumental around it. After he left, I just turned on the mic, and sang whatever came to mind – no prewritten lyrics or melodies – which is why I called it A Loveletter – An Improvisation. It was just a raw reflection upon my love for someone. I feel that emotion informs melody. I like the idea that someone should be able to feel what a song is about, without listening to the words. For me, melody always come before words, and words often write themselves, on the right days. That’s my cue that I’ve made a good song. It feels easy and purposeful.”

A Loveletter – An Improvisation is a track with character. Start streaming it as soon as possible and feel free to vibe along!


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