Introducing: EMM – Twin Flame


EMM is a powerhouse singer, producer, songwriter, classically trained multi-instrumentalist and women’s advocate. She has built a reputation on creating music that showcases a woman’s power in a world that constantly tries to diminish it. As a classically trained musical prodigy from a conservative town, she wasn’t expected to create such a unique sound with a bold personality. She emerged from the ringer of the music industry strengthened rather than defeated, empowering her fans across the United States.

EMM recently released her new single Twin Flame and it is a brilliant piece of music. I like the ethereal vocals. Besides, the dynamic arrangements are amazing. Furthermore, I’m also a fan of the heavy drums in the verses.

Lyrically, the song is very impressive. It’s about a toxic yet intoxicating relationship.

Twin Flame has all the facets of a true masterpiece. Be sure to stream it as soon as possible!


Do not hesitate and add Twin Flame to your playlist(s).

You can stream Twin Flame below on Soundcloud or Spotify!