Introducing: Rompala Flamand – Dancing Too Close to the Sun


Jeremy Rompala and Jessica Flamand met as teenagers in New York City. Both born in the Tri-State area the pair found each other in the singer-songwriter scene in the West Village. At the time Jeremy was enrolled in City College’s biology department, and Jessica was taking part-time design classes at the International Center of Photography and the New School.

Dancing Too Close to the Sun is Rompala Flamand’s new single and it sounds awesome. I like the uplifting melodies. Besides, vocals are outstanding. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the dynamics.

On the single, Rompala Flamand says: ”In a romantic and musical partnership for nearly five years, for us, this song is as fictional as it is anecdotal. The verses suggest the imaginary end of a relationship describing the sadness and cold feelings that come along with that experience. This is juxtaposed with a warmth of the sun in the chorus where we injected our own story into the lyrics. Meeting at 18 we spent years happily in love in New York City leading a vagabond lifestyle drinking, playing small clubs, spending sleepless nights wandering the city with friends. We are now 23 and sometimes think that our love of music and love of each other have caused missed opportunities in our lives and careers.”

Rompala Flamand made incredibly good music, Dancing Too Close to the Sun has all the facets of a true masterpiece. Be sure to stream it as soon as possible!


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