Introducing: Vicki Lovelee – Intruder


Vicki Lovelee is a pop artist from Toronto. She started music at a young age of 4 when she started learning classical piano. Then learned the drums at age 12 but found her passion through singing at 17. She always had a love for pop music and culture, and decided to hone her skills at York University. There, she studied jazz vocal performance and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2017.

Intruder is Vicki’s latest single and it sounds amazing.  I like the powerful melodies. Besides, the vocals are outstanding. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the dynamics.

The single is accompanied by a fantastic music video, directed by Andrew Beach.

On the single, Vicki says: ”I wrote this song from 2 perspectives: a broken relationship or depression. An intruder in someone’s life can be either or both of them. Ultimately, this song is about someone or something that is unwanted but yet still forces their way back in your life. They like seeing you suffer and their persistence drains your happiness. However you still keep them around because they’re the only one who is willing to stay with you.”

Vicki made incredibly good music, Intruder has all the elements of a modern gem. Be sure to stream it as soon as possible!


You can stream Intruder below on SoundCloud, Spotify or YouTube!