Introducing: Meadowlark – Halo


Meadowlark is a Bristol-based electro/pop duo. The voice belongs to Kate McGill but she’s only half of the story. While she also brings her keyboard playing and song-writing to the mix, she is equally matched by partner Dan Broadly who is a multi-instrumentalist.

Halo is Meadowlark’s new single and it sounds impressive. The vocals are outstanding and create a wonderful atmosphere. Besides, the story behind the track is very meaningful.

Kate McGill comments, ”Halo was written on the back of my Mum dying very suddenly of a heart attack in 2018. I distinctly remember coming back home to an army of friends waiting for me. The support network I had was incredible and it really made me think. These friends would always tell me the same thing; that I was exactly like her. And everyone told me that my siblings and I would be the ones to carry her forward in the years to come, just by having her wisdom and light instilled in our brains. But it took me so long to be able to see that. The grief clouded my every waking thought and for a long while, I really believed that she was gone. But she was, is and will always be a part of us, and therefore a part of this world and our lives. I can see that now. That’s what Halo’s about. I had her Halo, I just didn’t know it.”

Meadowlark makes music with their soul. Halo is a track that needs to be heard by everyone. Start streaming it as soon as possible!


You can stream Halo below on Spotify!