Introducing: Sarah Bertola – Coulda Been Lovin’ You

bertola-portriat-1-web-copy-1580284036287 (1).jpg

Coulda Been Lovin’ You is a song from Sarah Bertola’s debut EP Step To The Left and it sounds awesome. I adore the soulful elements. Besides, the vocals are magical. Furthermore, I also like the dynamic elements and unique rhythms.

On the song, Sarah says: ”Coulda Been Lovin’ You is about a girl who was in a relationship with a boy who just didn’t put forth any effort. Now that he’s gone the girl has realized she is better off and has found an amazing life, meanwhile the boy realizes what he missed out on. It’s a sassy, jazzy song with a fresh modern twist.”

Bertola is a rising star, her music creates new waves. She knows exactly how to make good music. Coulda Been Lovin’ You has all the elements of a masterpiece. Start streaming it as soon as possible!


You can stream Coulda Been Lovin’ You below on Spotify!