Introducing: Laya Laya – Vampire


Laya Laya are a writer/producer duo from London, who originally connected in 2017 via a UK based music blog. Unbeknownst to either of them when they met, they were both on the path to recovery after suffering from life-changing physical and mental health issues. Even more serendipitous was that much to the alarm of family and friends, they had both individually decided to leave their well paid but unfulfilling corporate office jobs (Freya in Law, B in Media) to make music.

Vampire is the 1st of 5 tracks to be released in 2020 by Laya Laya and it sounds so good. I like the dynamic melodies. Besides, the vocals are out of this world. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the unique rhythms and soulful elements.

Lyrically, the song is absolutely incredible. Vampire is about ‘a hopeless hope’ – waiting and waiting for something that is not going to happen.

Laya Laya are super talented, their music is something else. Vampire has all the facets of a gem. Make sure to stream it as soon as possible!


You can stream Vampire below on Spotify!