Introducing: Cara Hammond – Ready For The Fall (Video)


Cara Hammond recently released the music video for her latest single Ready For The Fall and it looks stunning. The visuals are on a whole another level.

The video features two conflicting Cara’s as they battle it out between self confidence and submitting to your inner saboteur. Such a interesting scenario!

Cara’s performance in the video is amazing. Her acting skills are on point.

Speaking of the video, Cara said: “Every time I release a song I am showcasing a piece of myself, something I’ve worked really hard on and become proud of. It’s a huge risk with time, money and self confidence if it’s a flop, but you have to believe that it’s going to take you somewhere. Everytime I perform I have to deal with my nerves to be able to put on an amazing show. What if I forget the words? What if I come in on the wrong beat? What if the A&R guest we’ve invited hates my music? All these things are risks, but if I never perform then no one will know what I’m capable of.”

The music video for Ready For The Fall is a must see. Start streaming it now!


You can stream Ready For The Fall below on YouTube!