Introducing: Anna Belle – Tokyo


Anna Belle is a synthpop/R&B artist based in Nashville, TN.

She recently released her new single Tokyo and it sounds awesome. I like the uplifting melodies. Besides, the harmonies are wonderful. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the experimental elements.

On the single, Anna Belle says: ”“I wrote this at 2am with the covers pulled over my head. Someone had told me my music would never fit in the Nashville market, the city where I’m studying, and my mind filled up with garbage. Very damaging thoughts. However, I clung onto the hope that somewhere else, there was a place for me, a place where I would fit– and for some reason, Tokyo came to mind. I have never been nor do I have a distinct interest in Tokyo (despite being a K-pop fan and having so much respect for the culture of East Asia) but it felt colloquial and familiar, yet so far away. I was hoping this would be a song that actually connected with people and maybe gave listeners a sense of comfort if they are going through the same things I am right now.”

Belle knows exactly how to make good music, she’s a rising star. Tokyo has all the facets of modern art. Start streaming it now!


You can stream Tokyo below on SoundCloud or Spotify!