Introducing: Alexa Villa – Invisible


Alexa showcases her ferocity within every verse. Alexa Villa depicts a theatrical range and takes the opportunity to give a gleefully resounding middle- finger to those that have done her wrong. This extreme contrast between glitter and guitars is what makes Alexa Villa so unique as an artist, where she blends the bubbly pop with the angst of rock.

Invisible is the second single from her forthcoming album and it sounds so good. I like the unique guitar riffs. Besides, the hooks are powerful. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the crystal clear vocals.

Lyrically, the song is very impressive. Invisible is a song Alexa wrote after a heart-wrenching breakup of her own. “I had literally just broken up with my boyfriend and this song was basically my closure”, she says. “It’s about feeling lonely in a relationship, and it’s really just an honest wave goodbye.”

Alexa’s music is something else. Invisible has all the elements of a true masterpiece. Start streaming it as soon as possible!


You can stream Invisible below on SoundCloud or Spotify!