Introducing: Strandels – Breathe It In


Strandels have come to represent a fresh and organic take on the Swedish pop world. Comprised of siblings Tova and Sixten Strandell, the duo has quickly forged a musical agenda inspired by musical authenticity and the empowerment of traditional pop hallmarks.

Breathe It In is a track from their upcoming debut album and it sounds so good. I like the unique rhythms. Besides, the harmonies are wonderful. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the uplifting elements and catchy hooks.

On the single, the duo says: ‘Breathe It In is about being bad at just taking a moment to take things in and to not really appreciating what you have at the time, and instead always rushing forward.  That you start to appreciate something when it’s over and that you then realize how great things were but you didn’t acknowledge it at the time. It could be from a relationship perspective but also general things in life. 

You overanalyze, overthink and see things from the wrong point of view instead of just breathing and take it all in.”

Breathe It In is a brilliant piece of music. The song creates an amazing atmosphere. Start streaming it now!


You can stream Breathe It In below on SoundCloud or Spotify!