Introducing: Hannah Gross – Birthday


Hannah Gross is a genre-bending pop singer/songwriter from Detroit, MI and based in Los Angeles.

She recently dropped her second single Birthday and it sounds so good. I like the catchy melodies. Besides, the vocals are sublime. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the powerful hooks and and bouncy rhythms.

On the single, Hannah says: ”Birthday is a song I wrote during a time when good love presented itself right to my face and I didn’t recognize it. I was still bitter and angry and kind of wallowing over a past relationship that I wasn’t able to see a great one right in front of me–so much so that I forgot the great new guy’s birthday on December 4th. And then I had the audacity to text him on his birthday about something entirely irrelevant. I realized I must have mentally blocked it out because I was thinking about my ex’s birthday, which happens to be on December 5th. Looks like I have a pattern. Oops.”

Hannah is one of the most promising acts of 2020, she knows exactly how to make good music. Birthday has it all. Start streaming the song now!


You can stream Birthday below on SoundCloud or Spotify!