Introducing: CRYSTAL – The Chase


Born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand, is CRYSTAL, an up and coming singer-songwriter-producer.

She just dropped her new single The Chase and it sounds so good. I like the unique pop melodies. Besides, the harmonies are amazing. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the solid hooks and powerful vocals.

Lyrically, the song is absolutely incredible. The Chase describes the never-ending pursuit for something or someone.

On the single, CRYSTAL says: ”we’re always chasing after something even if we don’t realise it. This song is about the chase…. for happiness, for love, for success, for acceptance, for self-validation, to feel enough, and to be ok with who we are…but the chase can be draining and all consuming, it’s isolating. This track reflects that in relation to my surroundings and the lives me and my friends live”.

CRYSTAL knows exactly how to make good music, she’s so creative and artistic. The Chase has all the elements of a hit. Start streaming it now!


You can stream The Chase below on SoundCloud or Spotify!