Introducing: Laveda – Ghost


Albany’s shoegaze dream pop band Laveda is composed of Jake Brooks and Ali Genevich.

Ghost marks the official announcement of Laveda’s debut album, titled What Happens After, a 10-song era-defining LP that will be released on vinyl April 24th.

The song sounds so good. I like the subtle guitar strums. Besides, the vocals are outstanding. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the experimental elements.

The idea for the words for Ghost came one night when Ali and Jake were flushing out vocal melodies. “The lyrics are based on a real-life experience I had when I was about 13 or 14,” recalls Ali. “I was at a close friend’s house for a sleepover and her mom had a seizure. It was definitely a little traumatic. I can pretty much remember the sequence of events and everything that happened like it was only last week.”

Ghost needs all the attention. Start streaming it as soon as possible!


You can stream Ghost below on SoundCloud or Spotify!