Introducing: Ariane – Museum (Music Video)


Ariane is a French American Pop Singer-Songwriter.

She just released the music video for her latest single Museum and it looks stunning. The video is directed & edited by Jacob McCaslin.

As a woman, Ariane experienced many “cat-calling” encounters while walking innocently through the streets. Museum was inspired by the uncomfortable, discriminative and dehumanizing feeling she was overcome with. Her infuriating response results in an infectious hook as she repeats the lyrics “I won’t be hanging in your Museum” sending a message that she will no longer stand being objectified by men. Ariane aims to inspire listeners, to raise awareness and engage them on a journey to stand up for human dignity, women empowerment and gender equality.

The Pop Singer-Songwriter talks about important topics. The video for Museum is a must see. Start streaming it now!


You can stream Museum below on YouTube!