Introducing: Kelsey Coockson – Nude


Photo by Maurits Huijgen

Kelsey Coockson’s 2018 debut single California did very well with an electronic and an acoustic version on Spotify. Approximately 300K streams is quite a bit without a label behind you. Now she intends to take the next steps with Nude, the first single from her upcoming EP Shadowbox.

The song sounds so good. I like the unique melodies. Besides, the vocals are outstanding. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the powerful hooks.

Lyrically, the song is absolutely incredible. Nude is all about being comfortable in your own skin and feeling safe with someone else, both emotionally and physically.

Kelsey is a rising star, she’s so artistic. Nude has all the elements of a true masterpiece. Start streaming it now!

Kelsey Coockson Press Photo 3 2020 (© Maurits Huijgen)

Photo by Maurits Huijgen


You can stream Nude below on SoundCloud or Spotify!