Introducing: Sophie Kilburn – Broke

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Sophie Kilburn just released her second single Broke, a brilliant piece of music. I like the uplifting elements. Besides, the vocals are stunning. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the powerful chorus and unique atmosphere.

Speaking about the track, Sophie says: “Broke is a light bulb moment. A realisation of how losing someone from your life can completely change your behaviour without you knowing. In crowds/social situations you are numb or overcompensate. It can make you distance yourself from all your relationships both romantic or platonic. It breaks you. You date people and take on their baggage to avoid addressing your own. The song is an outpour saying I’m not okay.”

Sophie delivers once again. Broke has everything to become a great success. Start streaming it as soon as possible!

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You can stream Broke below on SoundCloud or Spotify!