Introducing: ferdinant. – Devil on my back


Photo by Henk Otte

ferdinant. just released his new single Devil on my back and it’s so good. I like the uplifting elements. Besides, the vocals are stunning. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the classical and cinematic influences.

Speaking about the track, ferdinant. says: ”‘This song started a while ago. It has to do with feeling whole together and then breaking apart, friendship, love and loss. I romanticise about the idea of ‘wanting’ to lose someone or something. It must sound vague, but it started when I moved away from my hometown. I just needed to get away from certain influences to realise they were bad, but more importantly value them for what they were and meant to me.’

ferdinant.’s music is something else. Devil on my back has everything to become a huge success. Start streaming it as soon as possible!


Photo by Henk Otte

You can stream Devil on my back below on SoundCloud or Spotify!