Introducing: Hania – You


Hania (pronounced Hah-n-ya) has been writing, singing and performing throughout her whole life. She was previously signed to an independent label back in 2019, where her entire look, the music she recorded, and artist identity was out of her hands. Starting in 2020, Hania decided to end that chapter of her life and is taking her career into her own hands as an independent artist.

She just released her second single You. It’s her second song of 2020 and the follow-up single to her debut track Self Care, which was released in March.

You is produced by Norwegian producer Cuetrek.

The song sounds so amazing. I like the pop grooves. Besides, the vocals are on point. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the dynamic elements and uplifting vibes.

Lyrically, the song is well-written. It’s about the obsessive desire to want to be with someone even if they’re toxic.

On the single, Hania says: You shows the perspective of someone whose world revolves around a past lover. The relationship is addictive and impossible to let go of. There’s something captivating in its unhealthy nature and how one’s emotions depend on the other’s decision. I wrote You to show that even the most seemingly balanced relationships can share this phenomenon and have many colors.” 

Hania is a rising star, she’s so creative and artistic. You has everything to become a hit. Start streaming it as soon as possible!


You can stream You below on Spotify!