Introducing: DIVIANNE – Peace of Mind


The french singer-songwriter DIVIANNE is an interesting mix of Lana Del Rey, James Blake and Alec Benjamin, drawing her inspiration from the music of OneRepublic, The Fray, Matt Corby, Andrew Belle, Greg Laswell, Lennon Stella and many more.

She recently released her new single Peace of Mind.

The song is a real gem. I like the mellow yet powerful melodies. Besides, the vocals are sublime. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the solid hooks and amazing harmonies.

Lyrically, the song has a lot of depth. Peace of Mind is about mental health and about choosing somehow to make something positive out of negative thoughts.

Speaking about, DIVIANNE says: ”I started writing Peace of Mind 5 years ago in 2015. I was feeling insecure and I thought my worries would last forever. I wrote this song to ease my own mind, and to step away from my endless loops of anxious thoughts. The song as you can hear it now, was recorded in 2017 in a tiny studio in Paris and it was my first time recording one of my songs. My sound and my voice have grown quite a bit since, and because this song is so special to me, I wanted to wait for a ‘right moment’ to properly release it. But with everything going on right now, I’m very aware it can be hard for a lot of us to deal with what we’re feeling and thinking, because we’re sitting with all of this all day long. And if that song can help spread love and light in this difficult time, then the ‘right moment’ is now. I hope peace of mind brings you comfort and can be a safe hand to hold for you right now, because that’s what it’s been for me for all those years. Take care of your thoughts.

DIVIANNE delivers art. Peace of Mind needs to be heard. Start streaming it now!


You can stream Peace of Mind below on SoundCloud or Spotify!