Introdcuing: Namelle – Don’t Tell Me What to Do


Namelle is a Swedish artist and songwriter.

She recently released her new single Don’t Tell Me What to Do.

The song sounds so good. I like the innovative pop melodies. Besides, the hooks are solid. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the sublime vocals and dynamic elements.

Speaking about the track, Namelle says: ”Being single usually results in high engagement from friends and family. They always want to help you out and have opinions about who and when you should date. That’s sweet. At least for a while. Don’t Tell Me What to Do describes that turning point when you wish everyone could just mind their own business, leave you alone and stop telling you what to do. Cause, what’s the hurry? I really like the attitude in the lyrics combined with this kind of stripped down, but still energetic, electronic track.”

Namelle’s artistry is phenomenal. Her music captures the listener. Don’t Tell Me What to Do is a true masterpiece. The song deserves all the attention. Start streaming it now!

Don't Tell Me What to Do_Namelle_Square.jpg

You can stream Don’t Tell Me What to Do below on SoundCloud or Spotify!