Introducing: Gymnast – Ghost

Press shot

Gymnast is Cathy Wilcock and Chris Lyon.

They just released their new album Experiments in the Revival of Organisms.

The first song on the record is Ghost. It has a dark and dreamy to it.

Ghost sounds so good. I like the electronic elements. Besides, the vocals sublime. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the solid chorus and melancholic atmosphere.

Gymnast also released a music video for GhostVisually it looks incredible.

Speaking about the clip, Chris says: ‘The video for Ghost is an innovative Google Maps animation that damn near gave me RSI to make, but we think it fits the song’s exploration of themes of belonging vs. hosting, outside/inside boundaries, etc. Plus allowing some vicarious world-exploration for locked-down viewers.”

Gymnast delivers once again. Ghost is a true masterpiece. Start streaming it now!

Experiments in the Revival of Organisms - album cover

You can stream Ghost below on SoundCloud, Spotify or YouTube!