Introducing: Julia-Sophie – breathe


Julia-Sophie recently released her debut EP y?.

breathe is the first track on the mini-album. It will take you on a journey into Julia-Sophie’s world.

The song has a surreal quality. I like the ribboning melodies. Besides, the grooves are almost hypnotic. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the sublime vocals and uplifting elements.

Lyrically, Julia-Sophie knows what she wants to say. Her writing skills are next level. Julia-Sophie’s songs partial translations of the depths we may all struggle to express; the struggles and blisses that rub against language; trembling between reflective moments and bursts of intensity.

Julia-Sophie makes music with her soul. She always delivers art. Her sound is something very new and different. breathe has everything to be a success. Start streaming it now!


You can stream breathe below on SoundCloud or Spotify!