Introducing: Hessam – Here Comes The Rain

Swedish-Persian singer Hessam was born in Iran and emigrated to Sweden as a baby. Tossed from one culture to another, one of the first words he ever learned was “different”. Raised in a split middle-class family, his teens were turbulent to say the least. To escape a house of disharmony and drug abuse he found his home in music – which thankfully led him on a brighter path.

Hessam just released his debut album.

One of the highlights is the title track for sure.

Here Comes The Rain has a surreal quality. I like the retro synths. Besides, the vocals are sublime. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the solid hooks and bouncy basses.

Lyrically, Hessam delivers. The song is about being so deep in a toxic relationship that you can’t see no way out.

The singer knows exactly how to make good music. Here Comes The Rain deserves to be heard. Start streaming it now!

You can stream Here Comes The Rain below on SoundCloud or Spotify!