Introducing: Disco Shrine – Wanna Get Away

Disco Shrine, aka Persian Barbie, is the LA based, pop spark plug known for being a songwriter, world traveling DJ, and event curator.

She recently released her new single Wanna Get Away.

The song sounds so good. I like the innovative pop melodies. Besides, the hooks are powerful. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the sublime vocals and catchy elements.

Lyrically, Disco delivers. Her writing skills are on point.

The song starts off “thinking about the past vs now” and wanting to “leave the stress behind” through memories of being with friends. In the second verse, Disco daydreams about all the places she could travel if we weren’t quarantined: “Take me away to an island, wanna feel that Maui breeze. Maybe I can go to Paris, say bonjour to the Arc de Triomphe. Maybe I can go to Ibiza and dance till the sun comes up”.

Wanna Get Away is accompanied by a video, directed by Andrew Butte with help from Emilio Diaz. Visually it looks cool.

Speaking about the track, Disco says: “Having to social distance and not knowing what lies ahead is a scary reality for most of us right now. Wanna Get Away is about using escapism as a way to cope with everything happening in the world right now. It’s about not taking for granted the things we used to do like going out with friends and wishing we could do the things we always said we would like traveling.”

Disco’s music connects with the universe. Her creativity has a lot of depth. The song deserves to be heard.

You can stream Wanna Get Away below on SoundCloud, Spotify or YouTube!