Introducing: Emma & the Idles – Ride or Die

Singer-songwriter Emma Withers, started her journey busking on the streets of London with her trusty guitar ‘Gretschin’ on her back (it’s a Gretsch) Gigging around London in various well know venues, Emma has been working hard since going fulltime with her music in June 2019 and now is a freelance songwriter by profession.

She rebranded with Emma & the Idles, and Ride or Die is the debut single from the rebirth, this see’s the official launch of Emma & the Idles!

The song has a unique quality. I like the grungy electro sounds, powerful vocals, iconic hooks, and uplifting elements.

Lyrically, Emma delivers. Ride or Die toys with the darker side of playful, with a focus illusions and distractions of love. From the position of a woman who feels completely in control and powerful in herself, and furthermore in her situational relationships. Throughout this song, she is toying with someone, seeing how far she can push them, and because of this self confidence, she is seeing no repercussion.

The song is produced by Ben Matravers. He knows exactly what he is doing.

Emma & the Idles have so much talent. Their art is next level. They are so captivating.

Ride or Die has everything to become a huge success. The song creates an atmosphere of its own.

You can stream Ride or Die on SoundCloud or Spotify!