Introducing: Sabrina Lee – Hurt

Sabrina Lee, Is a 17 year old Korean- American singer/songwriter born in Virginia.

She recently released her new single Hurt.

The song is captivating from start to finish. I like the innovative pop melodies. Besides, the hooks are powerful. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the amazing vocals and electronic elements

Lyrically, Sabrina delivers. She has good writing skills.

Speaking about the track, the artist says: ”This song displays a unique perspective on the feeling of despair; A relatable “Maybe I did this to myself” kind of feeling. Hurt is a song that translates to a feeling of pain that comes from within oneself, and not necessarily needing a significant other to feel it.”

Sabrina’s creativity is next level. The song deserves to be heard.

You can stream Hurt on SoundCloud or Spotify!