Introducing: Bea Kadri, Isaac B – Be Alright

Lebanese singer-songwriter Bea Kadri grew up most of her life in Beirut, Lebanon, and was always stuck to her Walkman, iPod, MTV, and YouTube, whatever she can get her hands on to get her musical fix of Pop, Hip-Hop and R&B.

Her sound is chill and sultry, as she writes and sings about self-discovery, empowerment, and all matters of the heart.

London born, Florida brewed, Isaac B is known for his freestyle prowess. The ex-Broward County resident, a self-taught, ‘King of The Cypher’ (as stated by IamHipHopMagazine).

They recently released their new single Be Alright.

The song has a surreal quality to it. I like the soulful beats. Besides, the hooks are memorable. Furthermore, I’m also a fan of the amazing rap verses and expressive vocals.

Be Alright is equally melancholic and uplifting. It stands as a reminder that when things seem to be weighing us down, we should remember to take it easy, sit with the present and enjoy the journey, no matter what life throws our way. More so now than ever with the global pandemic where the concept of time is blurred, the single reminds us to re-evaluate our stressful lives and find the balance between it all.

The music video looks stunning. It’s directed by Linda Dorigo. The clip really captures the essence of the song.

Bea and Isaac are a good team. Their creativity is next level.

The song deserves to be heard. It’s a gem.

You can stream Be Alright on SoundCloud, Spotify or YouTube!