Introducing: Prune. Souvenirs

Music that captivates people with its lightness but retains them with its intensity. Music that finds its roots in the trivial little things in life; the quirky, funny situations as well as sadder, more upsetting experiences. Making use of her voice and her MIDI keyboard, Prune sets to music the feelings we can hardly articulate.

She recently released her new single Souvenirs. Everything has been recorded, mixed, and mastered remotely during the Paris lockdown.

The song has a unique quality to it. I like the pop grooves. Besides, the hooks are solid. Furthermore, I’m also a fan of the soothing harmonies and well-written lyrics.

The video is produced and directed by Prune. herself, Alexandre Schaack, and The Last Dodo. Visually, it looks cool.

Prune.’s music connects with people. Her art is next level.

Souvenirs has all the ingredients of a summer hit. The song deserves to be heard.

You can stream Souvenirs on Spotify or YouTube!