Introducing: Tansy – Again


Tansy is a contemporary jazz-pop duo.

They recently released their debut album Full Bloom. The record is an ode to growth, love, and continuing down the path even when you are uncertain of the future.

One of the highlights is Again.

The song has a surreal quality to it. I like the brilliant guitar work. Besides, the hooks are memorable. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the drums patterns and soulful vocals.

Lyrically, the duo delivers. Their words are golden.

Full Bloom sees the duo come into their own, both collectively and individually, as they go through life’s transitional phases and gain a greater sense of clarity about who they are.

Tansy’s music creates worlds. They have a own style.

Again is captivating from start to finish. The song deserves to be heard.

You can stream Again below on Spotify!