Introducing: The Shadowboxers – Highway Roses

The Shadowboxers are a pop-soul band based in LA-by-way-of-ATL that was discovered by Justin Timberlake.

They recently released their debut album The Slow March Of Time Flies By, a collection of 12 songs. This album represents a decade of taking on different stages, from being the backing band on folk-rock duo Indigo Girls’ live jaunt to the opening act on Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods Tour.

Speaking about the record, Scott Tyler of The Shadowboxers says: ”We’ve spent a decade in search of our identity, meandering our way through different styles and genres in hopes of landing on something that all three of us can see ourselves in. This is the album where we found it. We locked ourselves in the studio and didn’t come out until all three of us felt like we’d communicated our visions and seen them through. Just us. No one else. No one to hide behind or pass the ball to. We fought, we compromised, we faced issues that had been building up for a decade. And we came out on the other side with The Slow March of Time Flies By, our most honest work to date.”

One of the highlights of the album is Highway Roses, a soulful anthem.

The song sounds so good. I like the funky melodies. Besides, the vocals are outstanding. Furthermore, I’m also a fan of the memorable hooks and wonderful harmonies.

Lyrically, the trio deliver. Their words are golden.

”This song was the result of an incredibly fun and experimental day working with Jamie Lidell in Nashville. The main pieces fell together so quickly, most of this is played live and this song is all about staying in the groove. The image of highway roses felt very potent to us – these last-minute, fruitless attempts to keep things afloat – when you’re so comfortable in a relationship that you fail to see there’s not much holding it together,” The Shadowboxers comment.

The trio’s music connects with the universe. They create new vibes.

Highway Roses is captivating from start to finish. It’s a masterpiece. The song deserves to be heard.

You can stream Highway Roses on SoundCloud or Spotify!