Introducing: Emily O’Neal – Catch Feelings

To make people feel less alone in the world”: That is 18-year-old Emily O’Neal’s goal with her music. As an introvert, she often had trouble expressing her emotions, but she found her outlet through songwriting.

Catch Feelings is Emily’s second single.

The song has a unique quality to it. I like the soulful grooves. Besides, the hooks are powerful. Furthermore, I’m also a fan of the stellar vocals and amazing harmonies.

Lyrically, Emily delivers. Catch Feelings is about being afraid to fall in love because you’ve been hurt in the past, but taking a leap of faith anyways.

Emily is a rising superstar. She’s so creative and artistic.

Catch Feelings deserves to be heard. It’s captivating from start to finish.

The song was produced by Dexter Redding, son of Otis Redding.

You can stream Catch Feelings below on SoundCloud or Spotify!