Introducing: Peachkit – Love to Hate

Introducing Peachkit: the artist who wants to be heard and not seen.

A songwriter producer at heart, with multiple number one writing credits, Peachkit grew frustrated writing songs she loved for other artists, only for them not to be taken. So she gathered a team of fellow creatives and cut the songs herself.

Peachkit recently released her debut single Love to Hate.

The song has a unique quality to it. I like the stomping beats. Besides, the vocals are outstanding. Furthermore, I’m also a fan of the soulful rhythms and impressive hooks.

Lyrically, Peachkit delivers. She’s a talented writer. Her words feel meaningful.

Speaking about the track, the artist says:Love to Hate is about how, as a society, we build people up just to watch them fall. It’s about how we all search for god-like figures to inspire us, lead us and entertain us, and greedily consume everything they do once they’re in the limelight. 

But if they take one wrong turn (which they will because they are human) we delight in pulling them from their pedestal and watching their downfall. And whilst so many want to blame ‘the media’ (who definitely play their part), no one really wants to take collective responsibility as a society, and look at how our actions contribute too.

It was inspired by what happened at the beginning of this year to the UK presenter Caroline Flack, who tragically took her own life due to mass invasion of her privacy, about a subject that was no one’s business but her own.”

Peachkit’s messages are important for our world today. She has so much knowledge to share.

The song deserves a 5 out of 5. It’s art.

You can stream Love to Hate on SoundCloud or Spotify!