Introducing: Fionn – Modern Medication

Fionn’s latest offering Modern Medication turns up the volume on their pop sensibility. Bringing together the best of today’s contemporary with bohemian pop and adding a dash of 90’s flare, the pair’s release is just as irresistible sonically as it is visually.

The song sounds so good. I like the catchy melodies. Besides, the hooks are stellar. Furthermore, I’m also a fan of the sublime vocals and delicate harmonies.

Lyrically, Fionn deliver. They have a unique writing style.

A light-hearted commentary of the state of the current generation, the duo note, Modern Medication is a song about growing up with social media, and how it has affected the mentality of our generation. Being raised in Gen Z, we have never truly experienced life without our senses being overwhelmed by constant entertainment and pictures of what other people are doing. In the video, we wanted to represent the feeling of being on social media with shiny objects, colourful backdrops, fake poses, and fake smiles.

Fionn create their own musical universe. Every song they make is a hit.

The song deserves to be heard. It’s captivating from start to finish.

You can stream Modern Medication on SoundCloud or Spotify!