Music Premiere

Premiere: Debbie Schippers – Why Can’t You Love Me – Demo (Lyric Video)

To not only be in possession of a remarkable musical talent, but to be able to wield it with such a powerful self-assurance and confidence at only 22 is what marks Debbie Schippers out as a young woman with a very exciting future ahead of her.

She is here with the lyric video for Why Can’t You Love Me – Demo.

The song itself is a masterpiece. I like the brilliant guitar and piano work. Besides, the vocals are stellar.

Lyrically, Schippers delivers. The way she writes about love is exceptional. Her words are so honest.

My favourite line of the song is: ”Indifference becomes a whole new meaning”.

The lyric video really captures the essence of the song. Visually, it looks cool. The video radiates nostalgia.

Schippers has her own unique style to express herself. Artistically, she’s amazing.

The lyric video is a must-see. It’s iconic.

You can stream Why Can’t You Love Me – Demo below!